No compromise
and that includes a soft feel

Some golf ball manufacturers for years, even decades, have not only told you that you couldn’t have all-round
Tour performance with a low compression golf ball, they’ve ridiculed those who’ve driven the innovation.

Fortunately for us, those innovators have broken through and found ways to create larger,
softer cores with explosive speed.

In the new Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X,
the larger, more explosive inner core is enabled by
the use of graphene in the outer core.

The incredible combination of properties in graphene;
very, very thin, very light, and tremendously flexible,
while being far stronger than steel; allows the
outer core to be much thinner.  

The reason for playing with a Tour performance golf ball is the impact of the multiple layers.
While explosive power comes from the core, the submantle and the urethane cover
intelligently control spin according to the club you’re using.

Low spin from the impact made by the Driver and longer clubs, and progressively higher spin as you go down through the bag to your Wedges.
You don’t want compromise on speed, spin or feel.

Finally the cover needs aerodynamics that not
only create less drag, they need to help keep
the ball stable in cross-winds. That means you
need to be looking for a seamless cover.

And that’s why you’re going to hear us talk a lot about the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X,
and their new graphene dual SoftFast core. The use of graphene has allowed all the layers to
work with maximum intelligence, offering you no compromise on distance, greenside
control, feel, or ball flight.

We want our golfers playing with a golf ball that makes better golf easier to experience more often.
It’s an important part of your overall package that includes technique, clubs, and game management.
We’d argue it’s an easier part for you to get right. So come and chat to us about the golf ball for your game.