Set your foundation
Mobility matters

A ‘kinetic chain’ of joints and muscles extends from your ankles to shoulders. When that chain is strong, your energy transfer is better, and your swing is more powerful and consistent. But one weak link can cause a breakdown. That’s why mobility matters.

“Your hips and torso are very important links in your kinetic chain. Full rotation here enables you to get into much better swing positions. And because the golf swing is a repetitive movement, improving mobility here is going to help prevent back pain and injury.”

Spinal twist stretch
This stretch helps to loosen the fascia in your buttocks and upper body, creating more room for your hip joints and torso to move freely. Be gentle when performing it though. If you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask a fitness professional.

Build a strong foundation

A swing assessment can help us identify any areas where you might be restricted. Then we can decide whether a change in technique or a recommended visit to a physical trainer or both would be best for you.