If you have a good to faster swing speed, with a consistent strike pattern, and are generating good ball speed,
then the lower spin generated by the Mizuno ST180 will offer you a longer carry, and straighter ball flight. 

One of the objectives of the wave-sole design on the ST180 is to move weight as low
and as far forward, and as close to the face as possible. That takes spin off the ball,
even if you have a neutral or slightly descending attack on the ball.

Along with lower spin, you want as much ball speed as possible. So the shockwave sole contracts on impact and then expands quickly.
That means faster ball speeds. The face, precisely forged to allow multi-thickness levels, protects both the ball speed and spin rate across
a wide area, allowing you a larger hitting area.

The launch conditions can be perfectly tuned for your angle of attack, swing path, and swing speed.
There’s 4° of loft adjustment and 3° of lie adjustment that allows us to fit you perfectly.

That fitting can now be even more precise. We have an expanded line of high-end shafts with different
flex profiles and weight to make sure you’re getting every yard possible from every tee shot.

You want the technology that delivers you the most improvement, and a fitting that delivers you the maximum performance down the fairway.
We’re here to ensure that you’re going to get both, now, and every time you tee it up.