The Mizuno MP-18 MMC FliHi Long Irons

Every Tour player replaces their long Irons with FliHi long Irons designed to launch higher and land steeper.

A lightweight maraging steel face responds more quickly over a larger area, while the 20g
of tungsten is used to create stability, forgiveness, and a higher, easier launch.

That doesn’t mean the player’s profile is lost. Far from it. These Irons have a top line only 1mm thicker than the MP-18 Muscle Back.

What it does mean is that you can include these as part of any MP-18 configuration of the MP-18, MP-18 SC, MP-18 MMC.

The MP-18 MMC FliHi Irons are intended to be blended into an MP-18 Iron set. Building that set means investing some time in a comprehensive assessment.