For precise ball-strikers
Mizuno 919 Tour

For those who don’t believe the MP blade series of irons match their game,
the JPX 919 Tour offers feel, precision, and a penetrating tour profile ball flight.
Slightly more forgiving than the MP series and the previous 900 Tour,
and a big upgrade on appearance and feel.

Everything about the appearance conforms to the requirements of the very best ball strikers.
Check out the thin top edge, compact blade length, and minimal offset.

The muscle back is open to the heel. That allows more weight to be distributed to the toe increasing forgiveness
and moving the CoG slightly more centered for a better feel.

High-quality, high-definition forging,
ensure the sweetest feel on well-struck approach shots.

These irons are lower spinning than the JPX 900 Tour, with an improved forging process and an improved finish.
If you swing the club a little faster and have precise ball striking skills, these are high performance, exquisite irons.
For those who may have a less aggressive swing speed, or who require just a fraction more forgiveness,
the JPX Forged will offer better results.