Revealing the lie
Manufacturers try and solve problems

Most golfers lose the ball to the right. So, some manufacturers make, especially their game improvement irons, with more and more upright lies. They’re trying to find a solution to what MIGHT be a problem you have.

Research shows that for some golfers who lose the ball right, a more upright lie does change average ball flight. It does however show that for some it has entirely different results.

Each of you is different.

Your spine tilt, knee flex, and how low or high you prefer the handle will not only affect lie angle but potentially also shaft length. And then there’s your in-swing movement. An inside path and outside path will probably create different lie angle needs.

But the only way to tell is an assessment

That’s why we want you to start your journey to a better golf experience with a proper assessment. Is your lie angle correct? Are your clubs making it harder to hit good shots?

Why not find out?