Dreams of better
Make this your reputation

Golf is filled with player types and reputations. “The long hitter.” “The rules stickler.” “The advice giver.” What if your reputation was “The wedge wizard”? Sharp wedge play won’t just impress your playing partners; it’ll make the game more fun and lower your score. This doesn’t have to be confined to your dreams; let’s make it a reality.

Up to 10 shots less
A regular golfer with a handicap between 16 and 24 could shave 10 shots off their score just by improving their wedge play and putting.

“For the next four weeks, keep a second score of your shots from 40 yards in. If your average from here is over 3, get in touch with us, and let’s add a whole new dimension to your game.”

From dreams to reality

Are you dreaming of having more fun on course, hitting more good shots, and being able to share that experience with others? That’s golf heaven, and we want to help you get there.