Limber for longer

It’s normal to become stiffer with age. The fascia, or connective tissue, between our muscles tighten and restrict movement. Without full range of motion, the distance in your golf game dips. But the good news is that by stretching and moving daily, you can keep your muscles limber.

Kneeling hip flexor stretch
This simple stretch can be done anywhere, and really helps to elongate the hip flexor and torso. These muscles stabilize your swing and take your upper body through a full rotation.

Kneel with your front knee bent at 90-degrees. You should feel a stretch in the hip on the side of your grounded knee. Reach the arm of that side over your head to stretch the torso. Hold for a few seconds and change sides.

If you’re unsure whether you’re able to do this exercise, please ask a fitness professional first.

Distance is a package deal

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