Yoga for golf
Let’s go deeper into strength

Strength endurance is so important for any golfer looking to improve their game.

Exerting force requires muscle contractions. These contractions either lengthen the muscles (‘eccentric’) or shorten them (‘concentric’). There’s a third type, called ‘isometric’ contractions, that generate force without changing muscle length. It’s isometric contractions that improve muscle strength endurance, enabling you to swing consistently during a round.

A stronger foundation
The warrior 2 yoga pose requires isometric contractions in your quadriceps, the muscles at the foundation of your golf swing. Hold it for 4 to 5 deep breaths on each leg (if you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask an instructor).

Let’s review your mobility

A swing assessment enables us to see if your ability to move through the three planes of motion is impacting your golf. Then we can decide whether an accommodating change in technique and/or a recommended visit to a yoga instructor would help.