Launch and distance

The lofts on the TaylorMade SIM Irons are stronger. But that’s not especially relevant. What you want to know with each iron is how high do you launch it, and how far does it go? And then how can we help you repeat your good shots?

“If you look at the cutaway below, then it’s evident that this iron is designed to create a higher launch. The insert also has a really positive impact on the sound and feel. Together with the thinner face, there’s an almost ‘forged’ feel”.

If you’d like to read our full analysis of the TaylorMade SIM Iron models and how they deliver a better result then follow our link.

A final adjustment to better

What improvements do you want to your iron play and approach shots? Would the TaylorMade SIM Irons help? How can we make sure that you get the right shaft and lie angle to exploit this new design? How does ‘better’ translate to more enjoyment from your game and your time on the course?