Stay in play
Know your risk and work with it

Negotiating a golf course successfully is about weighing up risk versus reward. Knowing your dispersion patterns enables you to adjust your aim, so you can minimize the risk of going out of bounds and reap the rewards of staying in play.

Not sure what your dispersion pattern is? Let’s get on the range and find out.

“On a tight hole, your driver dispersion may be too wide for you to hit the shot with confidence. This is an opportunity to use a club with a tighter dispersion that might not go as far but keeps you in the game.”

“Another hole might have a higher risk of you landing your drive in the rough. But you may decide to still hit driver and get as far down the fairway as you can, because it opens the hole up for an easier approach, even from the rough.”

Improve your odds

A better golfing experience doesn’t only mean improving your swing. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of making better choices. We’re here to help you with it all.