Keeping kids engaged

The postponement of PGA Jr. League has been tough. But we’re still dreaming of the day it will all tee off again. And when that day comes, we want our children to be ready.

Do you have children who are bursting with energy? PGA Jr. League is the perfect outlet. It’s safe, fun and enriching. So why not help them expend that energy with some physical and mental preparation for the new PGA Jr. League season?

If you have space in the backyard (you don’t need much) get some air flow balls so your child can practice their full swing.

Add a few regular golf balls to the mix for some chipping practice.

No backyard? No problem. A little indoor putting competition is always fun.

Now is also a great time for your kids to brush up on the game. PGA Jr. League Game Guide covers everything from course layout and competition rules to game management and tips. You may even learn something new from it too. To see the Game Guide,

Check out PGA Jr. League’s response to COVID-19 and how they plan to ensure a successful season when teams get back on course.

Get involved

If you have a child or relative who you think would benefit from PGA Jr. League, now’s the perfect time to learn more about it.