Sit less, swing better
Keep moving

Your joints and connective tissues need regular load-bearing to stay healthy, so you can swing freely. The stimulation they get from activities like walking and running keep them strong and flexible. But sitting for several hours a day offers no stimulation, and over time makes moving – never mind swinging a golf club – more difficult and painful than it should be.

A little goes a long way
You don’t need to run marathons to benefit from exercise (in fact, too much exercise can be just as damaging as too little). Simply doing 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise – such as walking or jogging – five days a week, is enough.

Playing 18-holes of golf gets you at least 10,000 steps and burns more calories than running five miles. So on the days that you do enjoy a round of golf, you’re also doing a very good load-bearing exercise. But on the days that you don’t play, make sure you stay active.

Move more, swing better

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