Center of Gravity (CoG) matters

It's why an assessment and fitting matters

If two drivers with exactly the same loft and shaft can have a difference of 20 plus yards in how far you hit the ball off the tee, then there’s one irrefutable conclusion.

What you should be buying is yards NOT a driver. Yes, every time you’re buying a driver, we should be helping you to find the configuration that maximizes your ball speed and then matches that to an angle of launch and spin rate on the ball to get you the biggest distance improvement without you losing control.

Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make upwards of 40 yards of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Come and grab some yards

Get every yard off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more yards to your tee shots.

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