Sit less, swing better
It’s in the hips

When you’re seated, your hip flexors – the muscles that enable you to lift your knee and rotate your hips – are in a shortened position. If you sit for several hours a day, over time these muscles will stiffen and weaken. This can restrict your golf swing and cause pain.

The psoas, one of your hip flexor muscles, is attached to your lower back. So any shortening and instability here is going to contribute to lower back pain. Stretching your hip flexors regularly will help you play pain-free golf as well as increase the amount of power you generate.

The kneeling hip flexor stretch is a great way to keep your hips flexible. Please contact a fitness professional if you’re at all unsure how to do this exercise.

Sitting too much is also linked to metabolic syndromes like high blood sugar and cholesterol, hypertension, and excess body fat. Try to stand and stretch every 30 minutes, and do some moderate daily exercise. Your body and your golf swing will benefit.

Move more, swing better

We want you to enjoy every moment on the course. If you’re having any issues with your swing or your game, or both, please come and speak to us.