It’s a simple matter

Do you feel that you sink enough putts in the 6 to 15 feet range? On TV, the top professionals seem to be ‘hot’ in this range. How much room for improvement do you have? 

Find a flat 10-foot putt on the practice green. Without an ‘aid’, take 10 putts. How many can you sink?

Your ability to square the face at impact will significantly influence the number of putts you sink. A face that is just 1° open at impact will mean a putt missed from 8 feet.

The benchmark above is well worth completing on a regular basis. Most of you will be sinking 5 or 6. You should, after a warm-up, be at 8 or
even 9.

“Most amateur golfers can improve their score by 3 – 4 shots per round if they work on improving their ability to square the face at impact.”

Set up to succeed

There are so many factors that influence your ability to square the face of your putter. Your setup and alignment. The length of your putter. The lie angle and weighting of the putter. Even the grip on the putter. Let’s check that setup so you can succeed.