Set your foundation
How’s your separation?

Full mobility enables you to ‘separate’ your upper body and hips during the golf swing. This allows you to make a full shoulder turn with good hip rotation, helping you hit longer golf shots. But as we age, we can lose the ability to rotate fully at all, never mind make this separation.

This exercise can be performed by young and old alike and is a great way to improve your separation and upper body rotation.

Squeeze an exercise ball between your legs as you rotate slowly side-to-side with your arms hooked around an iron. You can also do this exercise without an exercise ball; just make sure your knees aren’t collapsing inward.

If you’re unsure how to perform this exercise, please ask a fitness professional.

How’s your mobility?

A swing assessment can help us identify any areas where you might be restricted. Then we can decide whether a change in technique or a recommended visit to a physical trainer or both, would be best for you.