Add 10 yards
How much spin is enough?

Many golfers could add more than 10 yards to their tee shots with a setup that gives them the right launch conditions. You could be one of those golfers. How much distance could you gain?

85mph at < 2200 RPM
When spin rate is too low, your ball flight will have a briefer apex and a sharper descent. Poor contact and a driver CoG that doesn’t match your swing can cause this.

85mph at >3500 RPM
When spin rate is too high, your ball balloons and drops with very little run out. This issue can be caused by incorrect loft settings and driver shaft.

85mph at 2500-2600 RPM
Get your spin rate just right, and you’ll enjoy ball flight with more lift, longer carry, a flatter angle of descent, and longer run out.

Start on a positive note

Your drive sets the tone for the rest of the hole. By fine-tuning your driver setup, we can get you farther down the middle of the fairway, more often.