Add 10 yards
How high should you launch?

Many golfers could add more than 10 yards from their tee shots with a setup that gives them the right launch conditions. You could be one of those golfers. How much distance could you gain?

Golfer A has a high swing speed of 95mph and a 13.5° launch angle. With a good strike of the ball, golfer A should hit their drive over 250 yards. To get the same distance, golfer B, who has a swing speed of 85mph, would need a launch angle closer to 15°.

We’re interested in your dynamic loft
When we’re fitting you, knowing your driver’s loft at the moment of impact with the golf ball – the dynamic loft – will make it easier for us to add distance to your drives.

“Your clubhead loft, shaft, angle of attack, and face angle all contribute to your dynamic loft. Changing clubhead loft will have the biggest impact on dynamic loft.”

A shorter approach starts on the tee box

Set yourself the goal of adding 10 yards to your tee shots, and we’ll help you achieve it.