How do you score?

You probably know that the final number on your scorecard has more to do with your performance with a few clubs at the bottom of your bag: your wedges and putter.

“If you don’t already do so, on every round, keep a scorecard of your shots to hole out from 50 - 90 yards in (or from the distance you start
to use your pitching wedge) and your shots to hole out from 50 yards in. After each round, calculate your average shots for each of
these categories."

If you found yourself playing a wedge approach from more than 50 yards on 6 holes, and from that point, you scored 3, 4, 4, 3, 5, 4; then you have a total of 23, which is almost an average of 4 from that distance.  

With your second scorecard (shots to hole out from 50-yards in), you might, of course, find yourself now having 2 short-game scorecards for the same hole. On your second scorecard, most of you should be looking for this average to be less than 3. 

“If you want to shoot lower scores, then these two scorecards are an area where a small investment in technique and equipment along with some practice, results in big improvements to most golfers’ total score."

Book a wedge assessment

If you want to shoot lower scores, then please make sure that a) your wedges have a design and configuration that suits your swing; b) make sure your grooves are sharp and clean; c) you carry the right wedge lofts. A great starting point to fixing your scoring zone performance is a wedge assessment with us.