It’s playtime
How about some 40-yard golf?

The average golfer hits 3 to 6 greens in regulation per round. That means up to 15 holes per round will probably require a wedge shot within 40 yards. That’s why it’s good to get into the habit of regularly playing 9 holes of 40-yard golf.

Try not to complicate the opening pitch shot on each hole. Your target is to complete the 9 holes in 27 shots.

Celebrate every time you get 24. More experienced golfers should really be looking to score from this distance. Their target is to get through in 24 shots, or less, over 9 holes.

How far under 27 could you go?

Let’s schedule some time at the practice green, or perhaps an accompanied play round of 40-yard golf, and get you well below 27 and having more fun around the greens.