Ten shots better

Here’s where

If you’re in the 15-and-up handicap range, there’s a strong likelihood you could improve and be 10 shots better. If you don’t believe us, monitor your next round for shots lost in the following areas:

From 100 yards in, too many golfers still take 4 shots. A lack of control of distance, wrong club choices (or lack of choices), and inconsistency as they attempt to use swing speed to control how far they hit the ball, mean it’s a green missed. 

One of the most common golf shots golfers are left with as a final approach to the green, is the short-pitch shot (15 – 40 yards). Most don’t understand the technique. Most don’t make good contact. Most can’t control landing spot and roll-out. Most know it’s 3 from here (and possibly worse).

It should be 2, or even 1, from here at least 50% of the time.
You should be able to play this shot with confidence every time.

How many of you have no real confidence in the greenside sand? How many of you know it’s at least 3 shots from here, even 4 sometimes, rather than the occasional 2? 

The ten-shot assessment

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