Par 3 strategy
Trying to pull shots back?

If you want to make more birdies, par 3’s aren’t the holes you should be targeting. Landing your tee shot in the most achievable area on the green and leaving two putts for par is a much better approach.

How you tee up on par 3’s can be the difference between a solid par or birdie and a struggle to minimize the damage to just a bogey.

Distance is affected
Teeing up too high can cause you to strike the ball high up on the club face and lose ball speed. So even if your club selection was spot on, you’d still fall short of the green.

If you’re taking a short iron on a par 3, tee your ball up lower, think level with the blades of grass.

Finding the best angle
Position yourself at a spot on the tee box that gives you the best angle into the green. You’ll need to base this on your natural shot pattern as well as the wind direction and strength.

Hit more greens

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