Sit less, swing better
Free your swing

Are you happy with how your golf swing feels? A loose, free swing requires healthy muscles, joints and connective tissues. Sitting for extended periods of time every day doesn’t help. But with a few good habits you can improve your movement and flexibility, and free your swing.

If you sit most of the day, take a break every 30 minutes to get up, walk around and stretch. Just a minute or two goes a long way.

Get into a targeted stretch routine. Especially important for your golf swing are your shoulders, back, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings.

Doing just 30 minutes of moderate load-bearing exercise, five days a week, gives your joints and muscles the stimulation they need to stay healthy.

Playing 18-holes of golf gets you at least 10,000 steps and burns more calories than running five miles. So on the days that you do enjoy a round of golf, you’re also doing a very good exercise. But on the days that you don’t play, make sure you stay active.

Move more, swing better

We want you to enjoy every moment on the course. If you’re having any issues with your swing or your game, or both, please come and speak to us.