What’s in your bag?
Fairway wood vs hybrid

When hybrids were first introduced, they aimed to replace #3 and #4-irons in most golfer’s bags. But now? Every hybrid set will have an equivalent loft to the #5 wood loft.

And almost every hybrid set has an 18? loft model, facing up against the traditional #4 wood. So which should you carry? Or, is the fairway wood dead?

“Again, this is about you, your golf swing, and your shot consistency. The swing technique for the two clubs, even two with identical lofts, is slightly different. The fairway wood requires you to pick the ball up from the very bottom of your swing. The hybrid requires you to take a small divot, after a slightly descending blow on the ball”.

The debate about fairway woods and hybrids is interesting in the bar, but its not especially relevant when we’re looking at your bag, your swing, and your golf game. It’s all about what’s best for you.

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It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, how sweetly you strike it, or how inconsistent you might be; every golfer should carry clubs that make the game more enjoyable and more fulfilling.