Extending the Titleist feeling

Some of you are working a #7 iron in from left to right, all over the flag from 175 yards. You want everything you can get with a compact look, great feel, and maximum control.

For you the Titleist T100 or probably the T100s Irons are going to go further and improve your approach shot experience.

However, many of you take a #7 iron out of the bag from 125 yards. You still want feel and precision. And you definitely would like the ball to fly higher and stop quicker. If it now goes 140 yards, then you’re in golf heaven. If that’s you come and try the Titleist T400 Irons.

“The Titleist range of T-Series Irons allow us to improve the approach shot experience of almost every golfer. We’ve provided a breakdown of what we think each of the T100s, T200, T300, and T400 Irons offer to our golfers.”

Let’s start your 3D fitting

All of this technology, combined with a fitting, translates into better experiences out on the golf course. That improves your life. That’s our mission.