Ever wondered
how good could you be?

If you're shooting scores in the high 80s or early 90s, then you’re already showing the athletic ability to play this game well. The question now is how quickly and easily can you go lower.

Shooting low 80s is a lot of fun
We’re looking for ladies who are interested in taking their game to the next level. We want you to be shooting low 80s most times out. Interested? You don’t need to read more.

We’ll start with an assessment of each golfer to identify the personal opportunities, but our experience tells us that the improvement areas will lead to:

Straighter, longer tee shots with an extra 10 yards or more. Maximizing the potential with better swing timing and the right launch.  

More consistent ability with fairways and hybrids to reduce the challenge of length, while opening up birdie opportunities.

Iron approach shots with extra height and greater stopping power, turning the potential of good tee shots into real birdie opportunities.

From inside 40 yards, the ability to get the ball consistently within one-putt range using a range of short-game shots. Stride onto the green, knowing you’re going to save par.

You can break 85

If that’s a golf experience that appeals to you, then please don’t wait. Start the journey to hitting even better golf shots.