Equipment always starts with your golf swing

We all want results like these from a new Fairway Wood, but dragging any Fairway Wood off the shelf, just because of great reviews,
isn’t enough. We need to fit you, and then match the right technology to your golf swing.

With Callaway Golf we have several technology options. Here are three with the key benefit each delivers.

Callaway XR Steelhead
An old favourite, updated with the latest speed technology
Still the easiest Fairway Wood to get up on a higher trajectory.

Callaway GBB EPIC
The most forgiveness to deliver the most consistency.
Super easy to use, super fast and creating extra distance.

Callaway GBB EPIC SubZero
For more consistent ball strikers with a good swing speed the opportunity to
adjust spin and trajectory for personalised performance.

There may be the simplest change to your setup that could improve your Fairway Wood performance with your current equipment.
Just a change of shaft might create a more consistent and higher launch.
And maybe there’s some new technology that makes this club easier to use, and longer by far.