With 103 Odyssey wins on world-wide Tours (the closest competitor has 78),
it highlights that those who want to be the best, trust Odyssey to help make them better Putters. 

I promise you, everyone’s fitted

The balance on the Putter will
match their Putting stroke,
and the amount of rotation in
their stroke (or a straight back
and straight through stroke).

The length of the Putter wil
l allow them to get into the
perfect posture and setup to
make a good stroke.

The lie angle will be set to
allow a perfect, solid contact,
with no chance of the ball setting
off off-line, or stopping short
because of poor fitting.

The loft and technology in the face
will create a true roll, minimizing any
chance of the ball being knocked off-line
in a skid or hop.

The weight, especially the head
weight, will match the golfer’s
requirement for feel and control.
It will encourage a better stroke.

What grip allows your shoulders
to sit level? What grip encourages
your hands, arms, and shoulders
to work correctly through the stroke?

It’s your decision. How much do you want to sink more Putts?