Golfers with aggressive swing speeds expect to get every bit of distance they’re generating with their clubhead speed. They also want the most control into the green. The new Srixon Z-STAR XV is a golf ball that delivers both.

This ball bites

A softer and thicker cover enables the Z-STAR to dig into wedge grooves and create higher spin rates for better control and greenside performance.

“The XV has a higher compression than the standard Z-STAR (102 as opposed to 90), making it better suited to golfers with swing speeds in excess of 90mph. Once we know your swing and playing style, we’ll be able to fit you with the best Z-STAR for your game.”

How Z-STAR delivers speed AND feel

The FastLayer core is soft at its center and firm around its edge. This gradual transition from soft to firm removes any harshness at impact, regardless of which club you’re using.

The right Z-STAR for you

All golfers, all shots

Z-STAR gives you more distance than any other
mid-compression ball as well as lots of help in
generating spin around the green.

More aggressive swings

Z-STAR XV gives golfers with aggressive swing speeds massive
distance gains off the tee without compromising stopping power,
feel and control into the green.

With you on every shot

Are you happy with the amount of spin you’re getting around the green? How about your ball flight off the tee? Your golf ball is with you from tee to green, make sure you’re playing the right one for you.