The big difference
Callaway Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X

Looking past the technology and hype, we know they’re soft, but what is it in the performance
that marks out the new Callaway Chrome Soft or Chrome Soft X as golf balls you should trial?

Tremendously high spin separation
creates exceptional distance and
control performance through
your bag.

A new and unique technology
delivers more distance off every
club in the bag, while improving
spin and feel.

Despite the industry leaders
saying it couldn’t be done,
now you can have everything.
Distance, spin & control, maximum
performance on every club,
and a soft feel.

And that’s why you’re going to hear us talk a lot about the Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X, and
their new graphene dual SoftFast core. The use of graphene has literally revolutionized the golf ball category. 

We want our golfers playing with a golf ball that makes better golf easier to experience more often.
It’s an important part of your overall package that includes technique, clubs, and game management.
We’d argue it’s an easier part for you to get right. So come and chat to us about the golf ball for your game.