Ten shots better

Confidence counts

In our attempts to show you that, if you’re a mid to higher handicap golfer, you can take ten shots off your scorecard, we identified four areas where most of you lose shots. One of those areas is in the 15 – 40 yard range.

 Yes, most golfers miss the green with their approach shot, and leave themselves what ought to be a very simple short-pitch shot. One they should be able to play with confidence and competence.

Benchmark your skill level
Set yourself up on a flat lie 15-yard short of the green, take ten shots and see how many you can get within 8 feet and how many within 4 feet. Now take the same test off an uphill lie. Then a side-hill lie. Finally, a downhill lie. How well do you do? Do you understand the technique that makes this a simple shot to play well? A technique that will mean no “fat” or “thin” shots?

The ten-shot assessment

Why not come and benchmark your skill with us? You’ll be surprised at the simple pointers that make a big impact instantly. For most, just learning how to use bounce, to take away the requirement for perfect contact, will make a really big difference. Let’s identify how many shots we can improve your game by.

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