Breaking 90
Center of the green

The flag is a mesmerizing target. It draws our focus and becomes the target, often when it shouldn’t. If you’re aiming to break 90, unless you’re greenside, ignore the flag and look for the center or largest part of the green - the place with the most room for error.

“You’ve just got a short 30-yard pitch. But ignore the flag. It is there to tempt you to the bunker. Aim for the very center of the green."

The 15 – 40-yard short pitch shot is the most common final shot into the green for most golfers.

“The common mistakes we see on this shot are backswings that are too long and a deceleration of the clubhead at impact, and attempts to scoop the ball.”

Get this technique right

Many of you have seen the pictures of open stance and ball position and get set up quite well. But the use of the wrists on the backswing and the downswing betrays a lack of confidence or poor understanding of the required technique for this shot. Let’s get you practicing the right technique.