You’d expect us to want to benchmark your tee shot performance, but your launch DNA is a
whole assessment all on its own. We want to know how do you rate your performance
off the deck with hybrids and fairways?

For each of a hybrid and a fairway wood the questions are:
Can you make consistent contact and how consistent? Can you launch the ball on a high enough trajectory?
Can you keep the ball within fairway width or is your accuracy erratic? 

For most of our golfers, longer Par 4’s, and certainly Par 5’s, require the use of metalwoods from the fairway. Some avoid those clubs.
Clubs carried but very rarely used.  For most, they get used, but with a bit too much hit and hope.

Do not allow inconsistency with your metalwoods to hold you back. Whatever handicap or experience you are,
if you want to take on a full golf course challenge, then put some time into being able to exploit the
opportunity metalwoods offer you.