Looking for better, more consistent ball striking
Three reasons we recommend the Callaway Steelhead XR

You’ll notice an immediate improvement in consistency of distance and shot shape as the hitting zone is enlarged,
and the loss of launch performance on miss-hits has been minimized considerably.

Latest generation face-cup technology
will create faster ball speeds across
the face.

A hollow bore-thru hosel design allows
weight to be positioned to support
launch and forgiveness.

Hit a mid-iron and notice immediately the higher launch (and softer feel) that will allow you to land
approach shots on a steeper angle with more stopping power. 

A steel infused urethane bar absorbs
vibration at impact, while lowering the CoG
to deliver a naturally higher launch angle.

Launch gets more assistance, as you go further up the set to the long irons, leaving you with a trajectory that fits the purpose of each club.

The CoG is positioned progressively, so that in the long irons you will get the high launch and long carry,
while in shorter irons you’ll have greater control over exact distance.  

Lets find where we can use technology to deliver that improved performance.
Lets match the technology, a fitting and your swing and make it easier to hit the golf shot you want to, more often. Start that journey now