Build a set from the 17, 19, 21, 24 and 27° Rogue Hybrids to bring consistency
and longer performance at the top of your bag.

The Face Cup allows the face to flex to the edges; the Carpenter 455 Steel face is thinner and more
responsive to be faster; and the introduction of Jailbreak Technology translates
more energy at impact into more ball speed.

The priority with Hybrids is the same as your Irons: consistency and accuracy,
allowing you to attack greens or navigate tight fairways. The Standing Wave
places the CoG lower to ease the challenge of launching the ball.

We want to integrate your Hybrids into your set. They need to fit with your Irons on one end,
and your Fairway Woods on the other. Distance gapping, after we’ve found the technology
and fitting to make ball striking easier and more accurate, becomes very important to ensure
you have the correct distance gapping.