There's no reason to slow down
Speed Up, Speed Up. 

Clubhead speed matters. Just a few MPH lost, is a lot of yards gone.
But if we had a way of adding 5MPH to your clubhead speed, 
you’d be up to 20 yards longer off the tee. 

What if we could do that by making it easier for you to swing the
club faster, without the need for extra strength or extra effort? 

The Epic Advantages

More ball speed from the Jailbreak technology;

More forgiveness from the Exo-Cage / Triaxial construction;

More clubhead speed created by aerodynamics and the speed step.

With Star component innovation 
to reduce weight to just 286 grams.

A 39-gram Mitsubishi Grand Bassara shaft.

A 41-Gram Golf Pride J200 grip.

An 11-gram sliding Adjustable Perimeter Weight (6 grams lighter than GBB Epic).

A fixed, lightweight hosel (7 grams lighter than our OptiFit hosel).

Then let’s invest some time in your golf swing, and what we can do to help you generate more ball speed,
more consistently, with a launch profile to maximize carry and roll.