What’s in the new Bertha B21 family?

If you think you want the game to be easier, if you want to get more out of your playing experience, then starting at the top, let us introduce you to a family of game-changers.

In the fairway off the tee

Many of you have long searched for a driver that will remove or at least significantly reduce, your fade or slice off the tee.

Callaway had a super-computer and AI engine tackle that problem using tens of thousands of across-the-target-line (out to in), and usually too steep, swing models.  

Missing greens?

Ultra forgiving with a really high launch and the first time an AI engine has designed a game improvement face. 

Worried about using Fairway Woods?

Don’t worry anymore.

Start with a shallower profile. Deepen the head and CoG. Now its easier to launch. Add offset to make it easier to square the face. Now go further and straighter.

Integrating the top of the bag?

If you’ve got longer and more consistent fairway woods, then we need to make sure there is no distance gap to your irons. We need hybrids to offer the same slice-busting, consistent length improvements.

If the fairways are easier to launch, we can make some assumptions about the hybrids. We’d like to emphasize how much care we like to take, helping you know where to finish your iron set and start you hybrids, and then finish your hybrids and start your fairways.

Interested in a straighter, longer journey

If you want to remove a slice or fade, add some distance, and definitely improve your consistency, do not wait.