Because of launch monitor data we know that 80% of that instruction to the ball is delivered by the angle of the club face.

Just how important, we weren’t aware of before. Now we know that

get the lie angle or shaft length wrong and, on contact with the turf, the face will IMMEDIATELY TWIST.

Grip size too thick, you’ll struggle to rotate the club face and leave it open. Grip size too thin, you’ll get too handsy and close the face.

The shaft is too stiff and you won’t unload the club leaving the face open at impact. Too much flex and the club face will get ahead and the face will try to close too quickly.

Finally, how much offset does the face have. Too much and the face will be open. Too little and you will be closed.

are even more important. Each needs to be right for you, to give you the best chance of squaring the club face at impact. And we have some tricks to help make it even easier.