Bringing joy to more golfers

Most regular golfers can get the ball onto a good ball flight with most irons a good number of times, but not enough to hit the green or attack the flag as much as they’d like. If that’s you, and it's especially the case with your #7, #6, and #5 iron, then come and see how many more times you could hit the target with the Titleist T300 Irons.

Despite a thinner topline, these irons are packed with forgiveness (MAX impact technology protects ball speed across the entire face and a higher MOI also protects accuracy. Plus, the blades offer you a wider hitting zone, along with as much stability as a compact head (tungsten toe weighting delivers that).

“If you’re a mid-handicap the more times we can put a #7, #8 or #9-iron in your hands, on approach, the better. The T300 Irons don’t just offer ball speed protection, they deliver at least a club length extra distance. Your current #5 or #6 iron distance can be your new #7 iron attack.

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This technology, combined with a fitting, translates into better experiences out on the golf course. That improves your life. That’s our mission.