Knock it down. Great for all conditions

Playing pitch shots into or with or across the wind needs you be able to play the “knockdown”, lower trajectory pitch shot.
This is a great shot, even without the wind. It’s so much easier to control distance. 

Watching the Professionals play on TV you’ll see a lot of shots
that finish like this. The ball flies lower and stops quicker.
Your control and consistency are improved.

Stance width is reduced. Weight remains forward throughout the swing,
with the hands staying ahead of the clubface to deloft the club.

The upper body has rotated, but the movement of the arms is restrained.
The angle of attack on the ball is very shallow, and you hardly see a divot.
The trajectory of the ball will be lower.

Generally, you don’t need more height on wedge shots. You want control of distance.
Wind, or no wind, you’ll have better control of distance, with a lower trajectory wedge shot. 

Choosing between a high 56° wedge shot or a knockdown three-quarter 52° wedge approach;
the best players will take the knockdown every time.

Learn to play this shot

Take your wedge and practice this shot. When you feel you have it, then dial in your distances.
Wind conditions will have far less impact. You’ll have far more control.
Unsure about the technique?