“Check” your rage in at the door

Hitting into the wind? Speed is not necessarily your friend.
Speed creates spin, and spin creates lift. So don’t fight the wind with power.
The saying is actually “when it’s breezy, swing easy”.
Here are four things we’d like to see you practice to enjoy golf in the wind.

You’re going to lose distance,
so is it a 1 club, 2 club wind.
Go up another club.

Now choke down on the grip, shortening
the swing arc, reducing clubhead speed,
but adding control.

Make sure your weight is a little more on your
front foot at address. Pull the ball back in the
stance, to deloft the club further.

Now make a shorter swing, making sure your
hands are ahead of the clubface at impact.
Concentrate on tempo. Don’t try to force the shot.

When you’re watching golf on the television, and there’s wind about, watch the player’s tempos.
It’s almost like they work even harder on a good tempo in the wind.

Tempo is good to practice

Why not dedicate a whole practice session just to tempo. Choose a target and go one club higher than you would usually choose.
Choke down. Ball back slightly. Swing with a good tempo and watch the ball flight. Is it lower? More accurate?
Does the consistency of ball strike improve?
If you want help with tempo