Stay in play
Be prepared for any course

There is a way you can prepare for the challenges of any golf course, even if it’s your first time playing it. By using your dispersion patterns you’ll have a much clearer idea of where to aim. This makes navigating new situations a lot easier.

Not sure what your dispersion pattern is? Let’s get on the range and find out.

“Let’s say you encounter a sharp dogleg left but can’t hit the draw required to get around the corner. When you know your dispersion patterns, you’ll know what club is best to get you to the bend while staying in the fairway. So you might not have gotten around the corner, but you’re still sitting pretty with a clear view for your second.”

Better decisions save shots

A more enjoyable golfing experience isn’t only about improving your swing. Simply making better choices has a positive impact. We’re here to help you with both.