What’s in your bag?
Are you making the most of it?

Do most amateur golfers have a problem with self-worth as a golfer?

You could describe your bag as a set of ‘yardages’. From the distance you hit your shortest club, there should be 10, possibly 11 clubs, you’re carrying where you hit each one a consistent club length longer than the one previous. 

“At the long end of the bag, fitting miss-matches in shaft flex and length, lie angle, and swing-weight, and clubhead design, cause significant frustration to many golfers. It's unnecessary frustration. Forty-five to sixty minutes of time invested now can remove some of that frustration in every future round. It can also mean experiencing far more magical moments with your friends."

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It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, how sweetly you strike it, or how inconsistent you might be; every golfer should carry clubs that make the game more enjoyable and more fulfilling.