Stay in play
An easy way to improve your aim

Only golf test robots hit it dead straight every time. Yet many golfers begin every hole trying to do just that. This leads to dropped shots, higher scores and less fun. Dispersion patterns are easy to determine and once you understand them, you’ll know where to aim to minimize your risk of landing in hazards or out of bounds.

Not sure what your dispersion pattern is? Let’s get on the range and find out.

“Your dispersion pattern is the area that you usually land the ball. It makes club selection a lot simpler and improves your aim. For instance, when you know that you land your driver within a 40 yard area (dispersion), you’ll have a much better idea of where to aim to give yourself the best chance of scoring. This applies through the bag.”

Give yourself the best chance of scoring

A more enjoyable golf experience isn’t only about improving your swing. Knowing how you usually hit each club in your bag makes a huge difference. We’ll arm you with the knowledge to aim better and score lower.