Aiming left is not the answer

It might seem logical to aim left (for right-handed golfers) and ‘work with your slice’. If you end up in the fairway, it’s a win, right? Well, yes and no. Being in the fairway is great, but when you’re further down the fairway, that’s even better. That’s a benefit of the new Big Bertha B21 Driver.

When you ‘work with your slice’ your ball will often land and roll sideways along the turf with more spin. Not great for roll-out. But when you’re landing your drive with a straighter trajectory, your ball is going to bounce and kick on with more roll-out.

A completely new weighting system
Callaway has concentrated the weight of the B21 clubhead in three spots: the rear, the heel and the face. This trifecta has two important benefits for you.

Let us fix your slice

We can use equipment to put you in the fairway.