Know your game

A more considered approach

A perfect strike doesn’t guarantee a good shot. A good shot is one that lands where you expected it to. And to do that, there are three things you need to consider.

What direction is it coming from?
How strong is it?

Could you be lying in a flyer?
Is there any slope?

Is your target level with, above or
below you?

Combine this with your knowledge of how far you usually hit every club, and you arrive at the truth about which club you need to take on your approach.

Many golfers base their carry distances on a perfect strike, rather than how they USUALLY strike the ball. And because of that, they often take too little club. Knowing how far you hit every club is going to save you shots, and shocks. If you’re unsure about your true carry distances, then when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or