Golf’s FUNdamentals
A lifelong journey

Whether we’re coaching children on the FUNdamentals of movement (agility, balance, coordination), or the FUNdamentals of hitting a golf ball, or the FUNdamentals of how to play the game, FUN is always a part of the journey. That’s how we’re going to ensure that golf remains a positive influence throughout your child’s life.

There’s enough pie for everyone
If we want more children to stay with the game, then we need to remove the ideal that the only acceptable destination of their journey is elite-level performance. Golf is a game for all of us to enjoy, for life. That’s the true ideal. The level we play at should be secondary to that.

Let them eat pie

We want your child to play and enjoy golf from childhood through to old age. Come and speak to us about getting your child into golf and developing their full potential, not just as golfers, but as people too.