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Just a quick one...from this past weekend

I have a friend in Midlothian, Texas, who loves to play golf, but he had never been to an event of any type. I suggested that he go out this past ...
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I’ve come across something on The Facebook (my wife hates when I call it that). There are people posting videos of their swings on a page for people to diagnose their swing flaws…just random people. ... See more
“Maybe it’s me, but I don’t really care for irons that look “girly.” I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that. But something that just screams bright purple doesn’t make me think people treat me ... See more
I have a friend who just picked up the game. He’s all in. He’s addicted. The Golf Channel is ALWAYS on and he’s subscribed to every magazine. His wife is concerned and blames me for some ... See more
Whether it’s in person or email, we field quite a few questions. These two are the latest of many we seem to field:

“You posted some pictures of some irons last week, and I heard a friend ...
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Played this evening (finished around 8:45 dark); parred 7 of front nine, one bird, but it went downhill on the back nine - fatigue after hitting about 100 practice balls ...
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Logan Diomede (known by everyone as Dio), took up the game after seeing his Dad’s old clubs while in the 8th grade. Very soon after that, he was hooked. He gave up all his other sports to play golf. ... See more
Tim has played out of his mind with his Titleist T100 Irons since he received them. He’s taken to his new irons shockingly fast. This is significant for these reasons:

I’ve known Tim for a ...
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"How do I get my daughter into the game? I play every chance I get, and she rides in the cart with me but doesn’t show any interest in playing." – A.

You can’t force it! You can let her ...
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I recently got a note from a customer who has hit the wall physically. He’s getting a little older and rounder (I’m right with you there!). As he puts it:

“I’m in my middle 50s, and I’ve ...
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Customers keep coming back because they know what we do and give them consistent results each and every time. And if you’re reading this and you’ve not come in, give us a visit and we’ll walk you ... See more
A classic reimagined: This is the 2019 version of golf’s unicorn. The Teryllium T22 Coppers' feel was unmatched in its day. These putters even commanded top dollar. Well, Scotty Cameron has brought ... See more
One thing is certain, it’s all up to you and on what you want to try out. If you really want an honest and objective opinion of what might fit you, come into the store and see what works for you. It ... See more
"I keep reading all the magazines that give tips and tricks to improve my game. I’ve tried many of them, but they really don’t last. Is there something I can do to make the tips last longer?" ~ ... See more
I can tell you it's invaluable to have a Pro on staff who can help a junior or a long-time golfer focus during a round and grind when they have to. If you're looking for strategies to focus during ... See more
Everyone can benefit from playing a single ball to know what that ball does in the long, but especially the short game. When I picked up golf back in the 90’s, that was me. I didn’t even know if I ... See more
"I’ve never been fit for clubs, but I’ve worked myself down to a 13 handicap. Am I really missing out if I don’t get fit?" ~ L. L.

First, good job in doing all the work in getting yourself ...
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For years, elite PING loyalists have wanted… no… dare I say, “begged” for a players iron that was the ultimate in feel, sound and performance. Well, introducing the PING Blueprint Irons: See more
"Tim, my name is “T,” and I wanted you to know I came into your shop and received outstanding customer service. It’s refreshing to walk into a store in today’s world and get the service your staff ... See more
At Grapevine Golf Course
May 24 and 25, 2019
9am - 5pm by Appointment Only:
A fitting like no other...

“I’ve been fit in several places, but I’ve never been fit like this! You’ve changed my game and taught me something at the same time.
Thank you!” ~ D.
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So when you try to get your first win of your PGA Tour career after losing your card twice what do you do? You put in a new Titleist TS4 Driver and the new ProV1 with your other tried and true ... See more
"Thank you for last week’s subject. I’ve wanted to try lighter weight shafts, but I just don’t know if I want to make the move to graphite in my irons. However, at the end of a round, I admit, I’m ... See more
There's an old saying "Good things come in small packages." For myself, it was a great thing that I found The Golf Station. It’s not a big box fitting studio like others you'll see around the DFW ... See more
The Masters is a tournament that many of us look to as the start of the golf season. It’s the first major and no matter where it sits on the schedule, it still lives up to its reputation and standing ... See more
I say it over and over again: There’s something magical about new equipment. First, I like shiny things as many of us do. I even like it in stuff that I know I can’t hit, but many of us can. This ... See more
First, thank you for those who came out to Grapevine Golf Club last weekend for our first short game clinic. I’m confident in saying, the 30 of you that came out to get some high-level instruction ... See more
We’ve seen some wild stuff in almost 10 years being in this store. We’ve seen Tim shoot 31 on 9 holes three times (the fourth just happened a few weeks ago). And frankly, the best of them all... ... See more
Tim and Chris,
Thanks, guys for everything! You made me feel a lot more confident about fitters than I was before I came to see you guys. Well, at least I have confidence in The Golf Station. If ...
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I really love all the reviews we get, but this one is special.
This one is from a friend of mine in North Carolina.
Read all about how The Golf Station changed his game: See more
Fittings are awesome. I love the fact that it always turns into a mini-lesson. But simply, I love the process that a customer goes through: The testing, the emotions, the decision (or indecision). ... See more
We have had a lot of golfers come in for reshafts lately; more than usual to be honest. They’ve taken our advice to upgrade the performance of the bag they love. Giving yourself the gift of ... See more
"I know that every company has multiple options for every skill level and no one makes the best of everything, that’s not what I’m talking about. Tim and Chris helped me with what to choose for my ... See more
It is often said that the quickest way to lower your handicap or improve your scorecard is to improve your putting and then your short game. But I wonder if lowering your handicap is the biggest ... See more
"In December I came in for an iron fitting and left having been fit for Srixon Z585. I tried as hard as I could to be fit into Z785, but after about a dozen strikes, Tim and Chris just said, “No.” ... See more

You asked. We are giving you more details...

I heard from more than a few of you this week. Thank you! But I was taken to the woodshed! You wanted some detailed information on what I thought and what the options were for the genuinely ... See more

What a show!

The applicable word was “overwhelming.” I’ve now been to four PGA Merchandise Shows and it’s still overwhelming. Now, I will admit that it’s not like the first one where my eyes were as big as a ... See more
This is the time of year that companies are firing out pictures and information about their new gear. Callaway’s Epic Flash Driver, Fairways, New Apex Irons, PM Wedges and even new golf balls for ... See more
A new year that’s hopefully full of promise and lots of birdies.
Many of us would just take par and run, including yours truly. If I could shoot 72 on my home course, I’d hold the biggest catered ...
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Black Friday at The Golf Station

Before you get busy with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, turkey and football, we want to remind you that The Golf Station will be open normal hours on Friday. We're offering a number of in store ... See more
On behalf of the staff of The Golf Station, have a Happy Thanksgiving, watch some golf and Go Cowboys!

Oh, we’re open regular hours on Black Friday! Come in for some special deals that we ...
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One of the best things we get to do is take some of our loyal customers to places they would never otherwise get to go. A few years ago, Tim took a wide-eyed guy (yours truly). I was overwhelmed. ... See more
We’re still getting in a ton of inquiries about shafts. I dare think that people realize that while new clubs are fantastic (and they really are), the shaft makes the difference, all other things ... See more
Throughout the day, we fit members for all sorts of clubs. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges. It is always enjoyable to see the looks on golfers faces who have never experienced the ... See more
I hate to admit that I spent some serious bucks in getting fit at a shop near my house in Parker. The marketing worked. I heard the commercials on satellite radio and decided it was time to get fit ... See more
"What is in these Accra shafts? Magic Dust? Pixie powder? Tim retrofit me into these in my Cobra F7 driver and fairway woods, and they came alive, way past their stock shaft performance. I appreciate ... See more
In the past few weeks, we’ve started to fit a good amount of Mizuno 919 series irons. And admittedly, I’ve never owned a set of Mizuno irons, though I borrowed a set once. I get it. They felt ... See more
If we had a dollar for everyone looking for new equipment to fix something in their swings, we’d actually close the store most days. While many have the means to simply purchase a new bag and be on ... See more
With the woods and hybrids though, Titleist was the best fit. The brand new TS line is off the charts good. We’re frankly stunned how well they’re performing in testing and fittings. He will now be ... See more
Some of our customers are hindered by their physical conditioning. Whether it’s age, injury or a combination of the two, we can help get you in shape. And as far as getting you in custom clubs that ... See more
Recently we’ve had some cool things happen in the store. We’ve had a number of customers who have been fit for irons, and once they see how they perform on the course, they call us to come in and get ... See more
But what about Bryson? It’s not the Hogan cap or even the Cobra One Length Clubs (which I’ll save for another day to talk about, though you’re free to tell us what you think now), but it’s his swing. ... See more
A month ago, we fit a customer into a PING G400 Max driver with an Accra FX 2.0 M1 shaft. Recently we spoke with a lady who frequently plays with her. They were slightly miffed as (according to them) ... See more
"Just picked up my custom fitted set of Yonex irons from Tim and I couldn’t be happier. I picked up at least a club in distance and can’t wait until I get them dialed in. Thanks, Tim for always ... See more
Recently, after a driver fitting, a gentleman was fit into a Callaway Rogue with an Accra FX 2.0 150 M3 shaft with SST Puring (of course). Neal and Adam built and shipped his new weapon to his home. ... See more
Laney went out and played a practice round and shot an 87. The next day in her first round she shot a 91. Due to inclement weather, the second round was delayed. When play resumed the next day, she ... See more
Well Laney Hall made it to Pinehurst. Lucky girl!
She’s competing in the US Kids Golf World Championship this weekend. Good luck young lady! Enjoy the experience and remember to have ...
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We can give you a Tour Quality Fit!

This past weekend, Tim, Chris, and our Master Club Builder Neal Blanchard traveled to The Club at Sonterra in San Antonio for a fitting event. Our state-of-the-art mobile fitting cart was the star of ... See more

… be where the deals are...

This Friday, November 24, 2017, otherwise known as Black Friday, The Golf Station will be holding a sale on almost everything in the store!

For ONE DAY only, all apparel, soft goods and ...
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Golf Station Demo Day TOMORROW

Come demo some of the best equipment in the game tomorrow, Saturday, June 17th at the Cowboys Golf Club and upgrade your game!

From 10AM - 3PM

Everybody's doing it

The family!
You might have noticed a lot of PGA Tour pros who used to take the swoosh playing one of these two drivers the last few weeks. Even the world #3 is gaming it this week. Stop by the store and try out ... See more

Let us help you perform and play your best!

Scotty Cameron Studio in CA
Weekly Update for Week 43, Friday October 20.

Tim goes to visit Scotty Cameron!

Fitting really does work!

Weekly Update for Week 42, Friday October 14. Check out the video from the late Tom Tomasello.

Make golf inspiring to more youngsters!

Where can you improve?
Weekly Update for Week 41, Friday October 5

New Mizuno Golf Player Advisory Staff Member at The Golf Station

Bill Mitchell joins the Mizuno staff
Weekly Update from Friday, September 30. Congrats to Bill Mitchell!

We're going viral!

As we continue to provide you with an extensive selection of equipment it makes sense we start showing you what we offer. In this video, Felix goes over a couple of the unique features of the Yonex ... See more

Ryder Cup Redux


If you didn’t enjoy the Ryder Cup, you’re not a golf fan. I was pulling hard for the Americans, for obvious reasons, but that was an outstanding display of golf. Patrick ...
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Bill Mitchell's new instruments

For those of you who didn't know, our guy Bill Mitchell joined the Mizuno Golf staff and we've finally got some pictures to show you. If you think his bag is impressive, have no fear; this kind of ... See more

Yonex XPG irons

Look at that 360-degree undercut cavity
The new XPG irons are all about forgiveness, distance, and speed all wrapped up in a very attractive package. If you're looking for an iron that's long and straight but isn't too bulky then these are ... See more