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I opened up my email this weekend and I had a very exciting email from Trent Pollard’s Mom. It seems Mr. Pollard played his backside off in his most recent tournament. He played The Legends Junior ... See more

Tim has a new toy you might like to see

This is representative of Tim’s new toy. This is the Titleist SM8 Low Bounce K Grind Wedge.

This is a 60 degree, 6-degree bounce wedge; however, Tim has a 58 degree. This is so new; it’s ...
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After the first hole, I was noticing his ball flight. He was striking it pure with his irons, but the ball was literally falling out of the sky, like if it hit a wall and just dropped. I’m no pro, ... See more
Smash Factor, a measure of energy transfer, is a big part of how far you hit the ball.