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This weekend we all saw it. Bryson DeChambeau dominated the US Open's final round with his 40 extra pounds of muscle and single-length irons. Those are just pieces of the puzzle. And just a note, he ... See more
“I have to say I doubted you guys. I saw the numbers and saw the flight of the ball, but I just didn’t believe that these Titleist irons would work for me. The T300 and Vokeys were PERFECT! My ... See more
“I want to say that I enjoy reading your stories and hearing about the young ladies playing this great game. They inspire me to try a little harder and not give up when it gets hard. This ... See more

Are you in the market for some outstanding, exceptional, incredible clubs?

Did I say how outstanding, exceptional...
...Incredible these clubs are?

The PING G410 Irons are outstanding and are “On The Wall” this week. They’re so exceptional, my son stole them ...
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