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Tim has a new toy you might like to see

This is representative of Tim’s new toy. This is the Titleist SM8 Low Bounce K Grind Wedge.

This is a 60 degree, 6-degree bounce wedge; however, Tim has a 58 degree. This is so new; it’s ...
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After the first hole, I was noticing his ball flight. He was striking it pure with his irons, but the ball was literally falling out of the sky, like if it hit a wall and just dropped. I’m no pro, ... See more
Smash Factor, a measure of energy transfer, is a big part of how far you hit the ball.
We frequently get questions over and over again in person, over email, through texts… you get the idea. One question that comes up is, “What ball should I play?” I’ve covered that one a LOT, and ... See more